2015 NSW Members Cat & Kitten of the Year Awards
3rd Top Breeder
Burmese Cat Club Sydney 2015

Award Winner

Award Winning La Vista Burmese Cats

Lavista Burmese Cats Specializes in breeding Burmese Kittens from renound quality stock. Burmese Kittens for sale usually available in Chocolate, Lilac, Red, and Tortoiseshell Colours. The Lavista Cats is not very big and you will have to be patient waiting for Burmese Kittens and make sure you put your orders in early as the kittens go quickly.

The Burmese Cat has a great personality and is a very loyal, affectionate cat, they don’t shed hair making them a great indoor cat for those living in apartments and units, and are very playful great for young kids. Which is why I wanted to breed the Burmese Cats as they make a great companion for the family.

2015 NSW Members Burmese Breeder of the Year Top 5:

La Vista Burmese Cattery Won Third Top 5 Best Breeder for 2015

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